Tips, informations and guides, references for Renault parts and useful links

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Please note that prices are in euros and that IVA are taxes that we pay in Italy.
Tips, informations and guides:
How to disassembly some parts: (files called like MR411TWINGO0)
Thanks Renault Twingo Owners Club for the files.
Install aux cord: just for cars with update list radio; guide:…/A…/aux_renault/aux_renault.html cable:
Remove gear know: it’s glued, just push it.
RS monitor: just for cars after 2010, with NON update list radio and then you have to use CLIP. more infos:
You can see water temperature (and more, but not oil temp) with an OBD adapter and then use many apps for your phone (Android with Torque, iPhone with OBDdoctor)
Wheels that you can use without scratching anything
– References:
*warning: prices and avability may change
RS parts:
RS front trim : 638909694R (25+IVA)
RS gear knob: 8200976487 (107,38+IVA)
RS handbrake cover: 8200976486 (63+IVA) (probably not available)
Renault Sport inox exhaust (444+IVA) (probably not available) *note: you can buy it from the factory that produces it ORBISOUND for 470 euros.
RS Spoiler : 7711428670 (149,18 + IVA) *note: you can buy a replica on eBay
RS diffuser: not available, only replicas on ebay
RS monitor: 280347874R
R1/R2 parts:
R2 pedals: 7711160185 (18,44+IVA) (probably not available)
– Useful links:
R2 parts:
R1 parts:
Brochures :
If you are from the UK you can join Renault Twingo Owners Club on Facebook or Instagram!
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