Tips and tricks

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  • When the car is off, the headlights are turned on for 30 seconds by fleshing the high beams (follow me feature)
  • Windows reset (in case it rises halfway and then comes back): let it go all the way down, hold the button 4 seconds, lift it up and hold the button 4 seconds
  • Press and hold the door lock button to activate / deactivate the automatic lock above 10 km / h
  • Repeatedly move the lights from 0 to high beam to activate / deactivate the automatic lights.
  • Aux activation (NB: you have to buy the cable to attach behind the radio to use it): hold down the button with the musical note for a few seconds until the beep, press the >> | until we see “AUX = OFF”, then using the volume controls under the steering wheel + and – move it to “AUX = ON”
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