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The question most often asked by those who want to buy or have just bought the Twingo RS: what are the most common problems?

The first flaw is certainly the idle on cold start. This gets worse in the case of a dirty filter or dirty throttle body, or especially in the case of rusty coils and spark plugs.

The most annoying problem is precisely this: candles and coils that rust due to the entry of water.

Symptoms are: even higher idle, power failures and in severe cases grumbling or even a car that goes with only 3 cylinders.

To solve this you have to seal with silicone under the glass between the two blades.

Alternatively, you can use a sponge as done by Andreas:

Certainly a delicate part are the 17 CUP rims which, combined with a 40 shoulder rim, are at risk with potholes.



Another relatively common problem is that of the failure of the swing arm and silent block. The only solution is to change it.

If you hear a rattling noise while driving, you know where to look.

Another common problem are the ph1 headlights where water or condensation may enter..

Finally, some have had to change the steering box, you can see if it makes a noise when turning the steering wheel completely.


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